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Not only do you become what you think about, but the world also becomes what you think about. Those who think that the world is a dark place are blind to the light that might illuminate their lives. Those who see the light of the world view the dark spots as merely potential light
— Wayne Dyer

Our current society and lives can feel out of our control, stressful, rushed, without direction, overwhelming, and disconnected. NO MATTER how long. . . how hard. . . or how many times you attempt to “DO THE WORK,”constantly you find yourself disappointed in yourself, disappointed by others, holding pain over past experiences, or lost in current circumstances. You end up:

Losing hope
Getting stuck in old patterns
Downing in self-limiting beliefs
Constantly triggered
Frozen in fear of the unknown

You make attempts to do your best working towards self transformation and growth.  You try to:

Do things differently
BE positive
BELIEVE everything happens for a reason
Work harder or smarter
Let go and release
Trust in a higher power, the universe
Practice meditation, silence, mindfulness, yoga
Learn through books, courses, teachers

Yet you end up living some version of the old, unsatisfying, painful and doubt filled life. Most live in . . .

FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FAKE (False Attachment to Karma and Expectations)

And living in FEAR, FOMO, and FAKE can lead to being frozen, unable to make decisions from a place of truly serving your highest good, in gratitude for the present and fearlessly moving towards a future of possibilities, true bliss and abundance. Shifts are waiting to happen for you, you can feel it but are you lost in the process?

Change in reality requires a change in perception.
 A miracle is simply a shift in perception from fear to love.

When you face the truth of it all and shift perception, you become witness to miracles which changes your reality towards love and light. You start to relax into your life and what shows up, allowing you to:

Completely surrender
Truly be silent to hear the guidance
Fully trust in love
Drop what no longer serves you
Take the necessary steps towards your desires

You start showing up in the world as your full authentic self and start living in True Bliss.


Kylie Kwon

Spiritual Transformation Life Coach, aka Spiritual Strategist, providing guidance, strategies and tools to heal, move forward, transform and curate your life to living in your True Bliss.  Awaken and step into your authentic truth knowing you are UNbroken, give yourself permission to be UNapolgetically you, and love yourself UNconditionally.


Believe - Live - Imagine - Spark - Shine



Immigrants from Asia living in America living between two different worlds. The inherited beliefs of their ancestor’s culture pushes up against the culture within which we now live. Complexities and struggles exist in how to walk the line of being your authentic self while honoring the traditions and family connections.



Discover and reconnect with your authentic self. What happens when you fully accept and love yourself? There is clarity and understanding of your journey, healing occurs, possibilities are seen, desires are met, miracles are witnessed and you begin to step forward and show up to your life to your full potential and true bliss.



Transitions in life like being single after marriage or partnership and going from motherhood to an empty nest can feel like a huge loss or a set back. In reality, these changes are an opportunity for great transformations into new redefined possibilities. An opportunity to no longer be a caretaker of others but of your own highest good.



When you accept and love yourself fully, you show up in the world and in your life as your true self. This opens you up to receive love with pure intention, gratitude and without expectation or validations from an outside source. Love for yourself allows you to show up as your highest self in your life and as a result in a partnership of your choice.