Hi! My name is Kylie and I am forever a student of life, learning the lessons of being a spiritual being having a human experience. Embracing, accepting and surrendering to the known, the unknown and the unseen.

Today, I live in a place of gratitude, abundance, light and love. I arrived where I am through my own personal journey of spirituality, healing and being a first generation Asian-American immigrant. I’ve endured:

Struggles of Asian immigrant inherited culture
Negative self-talk and body image
Physical, sexual and emotional abuse
Chronic physical and mental illness
Demands of motherhood
A toxic end to a 20 year marriage

Through it all, my spirituality, trust, surrender and practice has held me safely in gratitude, grace and grit. It was a path I was meant to walk and has opened me up to the miracles and love of the universe, my intuitive gifts and, most importantly, it has allowed me to fully accept and love my authentic truth.

My intention as a Life Coach, aka Spiritual Strategist, is to share my passion for shifting perception to rework and curate a lifestyle of true bliss with authenticity, love, prosperity, abundance, intention, integrity, gratitude, grace, and grit.  To guide and provide tools that fit your lifestyle and desires for:

Reconnecting to the authentic self
Acceptance of what is true
Healing from being caught in two different worlds
Transforming forward from what once was and the possibilities of the future
Setting pure intentions and taking personal action
Mindfulness in the present
Spiritual surrender and trust
Showing up in life with gratitude, grace and grit
The ability to respond rather than react
Embodiment of light and love

To help understand the interconnection between these things and true bliss, so you may hold gratitude for the present and thrive into your abundant future of possibilities. To guide others to understand that in order to invite success and thrive one must not live in separation between who we are as a person, how we live, how we show up for others and what we offer up to the world.

To help guide you to surrender and open up to the possibilities that are endlessly present when you begin to trust, choose love over fear and open yourself up to receiving without the chains of expectation.

I’m here to guide you to release past perceptions of yourself into self acceptance, healing, nourishing relationships, and miracles so that you may know you are UNbroken, be UNapologetically you, and live in UNconditional love.

I’m here as a guide to support you on your journey to True Bliss Living.

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Boulder, Colorado