Taking a different choice expands us to what is possible. Actions are going to actually move us into a new direction.
— Nancy Levin

Clients share their experiences and the Possibilities


Kylie’s honesty and integrity, along with her direct approach to life’s challenges helped give me the strength I needed to overcome one of my greatest obstacles.

The time I spent with her was rich with intuitive conversation and was an important catalyst for my journey of self-transformation. Her support and true joy for my happiness has been incredibly encouraging - I can always feel her rooting for me in my corner!

I highly recommend Kylie to anyone who’s committed to facing their trials head on, in a balanced, meditative and loving way.

— Natalie L. (Woodlands, TX)

As a coach, Kylie is passionate and enthusiastic about working with people and guiding them through life's difficult and confusing times. She is extremely empathic, and will guide and challenge you to make shifts that will miraculously transform your reality.

With Kylie's  coaching I've been able to recognize the fear holding me back and confidently make the necessary shifts to raise my life to the next level.  She provides the guidance, support , tools and motivation to break through fear and doubt and live the abundant life you're meant to live!

— Isa F. (Boulder CO)

Receiving a True Bliss Sound Healing Session was truly a magical, yet grounded experience. I could feel my sympathetic nervous system disengage for the first time in a LONG time. I was relaxed more deeply in this session with Kylie than in any massage. So grateful for her intuitive and skillful attention.

— Liana (Boulder, CO)

Kylie’s warmth, wisdom, and courage helped our group access an incredible feeling feeling of grounded empowerment through her guided meditations. Kylie’s energy is so supportive and uplifting you get the sense that no matter where you’ve been, you have everything inside of you to heal.

— Jesse (Philadelphia, PA)

In the 13 years that I have known Kylie, I have witnessed a remarkable personal transformation. She openly shares her wisdom and guidance in the areas of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

With Kylie's assistance, I have a better understanding of the concept of being present in the moment and valuing my own self-worth. She encourages me to develop ways to deal with life's stressors by refocusing my energy and having greater self-awareness. I am blessed to have Kylie's presence and guidance in my life.

— Chrissy A. (Ashburn, VA)

Kylie has been my spiritual and life coach for over 5 years now.  Kylie leads from her heart and has lived experiences to help guide you through whatever life may throw your way- and believe me it has!- with grace.

Most importantly, she allows you to take ownership of your own healing, affirming that we all have it within ourselves to create loving change and the life we are meant to lead- knowing that we are exactly where we need to be at that moment. She always has just the right healing mantra for me too!

— Mona E. (Boulder CO)

My true bliss sound healing session with Kylie was just that. She created a safe and sacred space for me to let go and feel the tremendous healing powers of her singing bowls. When the session was over I felt deeply relaxed and at the same time very focused in my mental energy. I highly recommend this experience with Kylie!

— Sukhraj G. (Boulder CO)

Kylie has the incredible gift of being present and holding space for you. She listens deeply, but not just to the words you say. She can read your silences – your fears, your anxieties, your hopes – and make targeted, holistic recommendations so that you can start feeling better and more empowered right away.

Kylie has talked me off a ledge more times than I can count, helping shift my perception of a situation dramatically, so that I can clearly decide what it is I need to do. She is an expert guide, who has walked the path of personal transformation herself. She's the real deal. 

— Jennifer D. (Boulder CO)

I like to think of Kylie as life's inspirational organizer. She brings guidance, motivation, and practicality to both your spiritual & personal life. The light & space she shows is truly inspiring.

— Josie W. (Boulder, CO)

Working with Kylie has help me pause and put everything into perspective. It was like a deep dive into stillness that I so needed. Now I feel like my right priorities are in alignment and I am ready to work and live more sustainably doing what I am here to do.

— Mae M. (Boulder, Co)

Since working with Kylie, my life has made a 180.  I have went from major fatigue and pain to increased energy, endurance and decreased pain. All of this was within the first month of working with her!  Kylie has educated me and encouraged me and I know that with her help things will continue to improve.

— Jennifer (Ashburn, VA)

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Kylie Kwon

Spiritual Transformation Life Coach, aka Spiritual Strategist, providing guidance, strategies and tools to heal, move forward, transform and curate your life to living in your True Bliss.  Awaken and step into your authentic truth knowing you are UNbroken, give yourself permission to be UNapolgetically you, and love yourself UNconditionally.