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Slow Roasted Pork with Veggies

I have been super busy getting ready for Firefly Market in May where I will be selling my mala and other creations.  It's my first time selling at an event so there are lots to do.  I have been working hard but I still want the kids and hubby to have a good dinner.  This is a super easy dish.  You just have to place all the ingredients in an oven safe pot and slow roast it in the oven at 275 degrees until the pork is fully cooked.  I left in the oven for about 4 hours.  I prepared all the ingredients in the afternoon, this took about 10 minutes.  Then just simply put it in the oven until it was time to eat.  


3-4 lbs Pork Butt

2 sliced onion

4 carrots cut into thick slices

2 apples

Salt and Pepper