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Meditation for Stress Relief

This month it's important for us to slow down our breath and let peace, love and inner harmony grow within us.  Sangeet, my teacher, shares that Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan often describe how our heads are so full that our hearts are empty.  When we keep our thoughts from consuming our minds it allows our hearts to fill up so that we may share with the universe and others from a deep place of tranquility and peace.  We accomplish this through slowing down our breath.  

Sangeet shares that slowing your breath to a pace of 4 complete breaths a minute will help to regain control over your thoughts, gain mental clarity and pull you out of reactive emotional states.  One complete breath is accomplished over 15 seconds (inhale for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds).  Sangeet often shares using this breath will help to “keep the freak in!” and not let that freak out.  This breath will help create your sanctuary, allowing for clarity and calm to prevail and let your loving heart grow within you and touch those around you. Per Sangeet’s suggestion try this breath for 5­-7 minutes a day, at least twice a day, every day.

This month I share with you a meditation that uses this exact breath pattern called “Stress Relief and Clearing the Emotions of the Past” from the book, I am a Woman - Creative, Sacred, Invincible.   Feel free to use the video and meditate with me this month.  

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Hello October

See you later September, Hello October!

The month of September has been crazy busy for most people and I am no exception.  I started the month receiving more training for Himalayan Singing Bowls at a beautiful retreat in Estes Park with my teacher, Serun, along with special guests and other Singing Bowl Healers.  

Next was Firefly Handmade Artisan Market in Boulder selling my malas and mala bracelets.  These are such incredible pieces that are not only beautiful but carry the vibrational frequency of the mantras which I infuse into them as I design, create and hand knots the malas. They carry and incredible energy to help you in your meditation, devotion, give you inspiration, and set your intentions.  I had such a great time meeting people and teaching them about what I do and create.  I even brought my beautiful full moon Himalayan Singing Bowl and gave people a taste of the sound healing experience.  


I followed this up with my annual Womenheart retreat in Arizona with my mentor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Sangeet.  We spent an incredible four days doing sadhana outside along the edge of a cliff.  We learned more about the Blessings Code Numerology and what we can expect in the up coming year.  I also had the opportunity to assist an incredible Himalayan Singing Bowl Healer, Guru Bachan with a Singing Bowl Concert for all the women.  I am sad to say that after 25 years this will be the last Womenheart retreat.  But the incredible women and my teachers will be in my heart and in my life forever.  


I am now teaching two classes at the new beautiful yoga studio Ra Ma Boulder.  Sundays 5pm-6:30pm for Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Himalayan Singing Bowls.  Mondays 2pm-2:45pm for Clear Mind Meditation with Himalayan Singing Bowls. Just register on website Ra Ma Boulder and please come join me for a class.  

There are new and incredible things happening at True Bliss Living and the True Bliss Boutique.  The website is constantly being updated and find tuned to serve you better.  There are several new malas, mala bracelets, and my favorite new member essential oil defusing mala bracelets. There are big things in the works for the upcoming Holiday season along with some Holiday Discounts so keep a look out in the next newsletter.

October is pretty packed with Kundalini Yoga Classes, Meditation Classes, Himalayan Singing Bowl Private Sessions, new additions to True Bliss Boutique, and the new True Bliss 30 Self-Nourishment & Transformation Workshop.  I'm so excited to be launching this unique take on health and self-nourishment.  This is a program I have been working on and fine tuning and I'm excited to release it and open up registration.  Check out True Bliss 30 for more details and find out how you can nourish yourself and transform.  It will feed you in so many ways and get you ready and steady to face the holiday season.  

My Personal Sadhana

As I am going through my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. I have incorporated a more committed daily yoga and meditation practice. Today is such a beautiful day so I decided to move my practice outside on my balcony. Here is what my space looks like and the beautiful view I have as I sit on my lotus meditation cushion.  This is True Bliss Living at its best!

Lotus Meditation Cushions

More and more I am falling in love with my daily meditation practice and experiencing the benefits it brings me, to my life and that of our family. I even now hold a certification to teach an Introduction to Meditation workshop.  Look for these workshops in the near future.

As it is known I love to get crafty and creative. Last year I came across a very unique cushion at a women's retreat, one I had never seen before. It was so cute!  More importantly it was so useful!  Of course I came straight home and tried to figure out how to make it myself instead of purchasing it. Especially since these are not your usual meditation cushions and are not easily found.  Since then I have sold over a dozen and working towards updating my website to provide these lotus meditations cushions to everyone. 

These cushions are not only unique in there design but help your posture and supports your body for your meditation or yoga practice. You sit in the center with one of the petals between your legs lifting you up a few inches off the ground. The other petals gently wrap around supporting your hips, tailbone and lower back. You can move around the organic buckwheat hull filling to give you support where you specifically need it most.  These cushions are a perfect addition to help you in your practice. 

Since I am not a computer person and a bit behind in setting up the store portion of my website I am currently only taking orders via email or phone. I offer two main sizes large and medium. And will be offering a few in the small (child) and tiny sizes periodically.  

I love making them and love knowing I am helping to facilitate more people to incorporating a meditative practice into their everyday life. It is a lifestyle practice that is truly helpful in bringing bliss into your life.