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Sweet Potato for Breakfast?

I have a love of everything sweet potato.  It doesn't matter how you prepare it, I will eat it!  Last night I baked some sweet potatoes for dinner in the oven so I decided to roast an extra one for my lunch today.  But this morning, as I was making breakfast for my kids and I saw the extra sweet potato, my mouth watered and my culinary creativity perked up. You can call this a porridge or a pudding it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy eating it.  

I love a good oatmeal or porridge for breakfast but more and more my body does not react well to grains of all kinds, gluten free or not.  I often say "I love grains and dairy, they just don't always love me back." Although cow dairy seems to cause issues for me goat dairy does not so I have been experimenting more and more with goat dairy in my diet.  My True Eating approach is to rotate my diet and limit those foods that don't love me back.  With True Bliss Living as a goal it's always good to remember to release those things in our lives that do not serve us.  

This recipe turns your plain baked sweet potato into a creamy and smooth porridge that you can enjoy at breakfast, as a snack, or a great side dish.  It was quick to make minus the baking time. But more importantly it is heaven to eat and enjoy.

Sweet Potato Porridge Recipe

1 large baked sweet potato, peeled

1 tablespoon coconut oil or grass-fed butter

1/2 cup goat milk or non-dairy milk

Top with (optional): 

pecans or other nuts you desire


drizzle of maple syrup

a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice

Blend the first three ingredients in a blender until smooth.  Play around with the goat or non-dairy milk to get the consistency you desire, you may need more or less then what is listed above.  Spoon the porridge into a bowl and top with your desired toppings.  Most importantly, sit, eat and enjoy!

Protein Load Breakfast

Sometimes I wait too long in the morning running the kids to school and getting things done.  When this happens my blood sugar can drop quickly which causes me to consume more sugary or gluten foods and still feeling starving the rest of the day. So I load myself up with a  protein packed late morning breakfast to fill me up and keep me going for the day ahead.  Eggs, chicken sausage, red onions with a side of salsa and hot sauce. 

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Oatmeal Bar

It’s a bit chilly this morning in Boulder and the streets are covered in a bed of beautiful white snow. When ever weather is a bit cold the kids and I crave some warm oatmeal for breakfast to start off the day. I like to serve my oatmeal plain (made with oats, hempseeds, flaxmeal, and water). Then I put out some different toppings to meet everyone’s taste buds and what they are in the mood for that morning.  I like mine with a bit of milk, nuts and raisins. Ty usually loves his with peanut butter and banana but loves to toss in others toppings depending on his mood. Zoe loves hers with just a touch of milk. Setting an Oatmeal bar meets everyone’s desires and allows them to customize their breakfast. Not to mention that it gets everyone in my house warm, satisfied and ready for the day.