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Transition is Here to Serve, No Seriously!

Transition is here to serve you, no seriously! I have hated and dreaded transition most of my life, then as I started on my spiritual journey many decades ago, I came to understand that they were always necessary and a blessing in the end. I saw them as an opportunity for growth and learning of lessons towards something better and working through much-needed shifts. This, however, did not make it easier, nor did I look forward to them in any way. I definitely did not enjoy the process! I found them difficult, triggering and at times the juggling of too many and frequent transitions took me took my knees. I spent a lot of time saying out loud “Seriously Universe, again, really!?” or “Haven’t I learned enough, what else is there for me to learn?” Do you feel me? Have you found yourself saying the same thing?

Each experience trained me, got me stronger and it did get easier and easier being in transition. It got easier because I simply began to trust and surrender to them.  I would roll up my sleeves, get into the yucky stuff inside myself, then do the hard work it took to take the necessary steps. What drove and fueled me was that I didn’t want to go through the same lessons again and again in different variations as I had in the earlier half of my life. And I had full, complete trust, and faith it was always for my highest good, even if I didn’t see it as such - I just made the choice to believed it was. I had a whole system and process I took myself through, began successfully guiding others through their own transitions. But they too found themselves lost in transition repeatedly. I was good at being in transition and they just kept coming again and again. I rolled with it and flowed through them the best  I could because I knew ultimately the Universe has my back.

What I recently learned is going to BLOW YOUR MIND!!! I know when I received this knowing, it shifted everything for me. It was the missing piece in my own personal spiritual toolbox and more than likely, it is also something missing in yours. I hope it will help to bring you more clarity, understanding, and acceptance around transition as it has for me.

I received this message from TRANSITION itself during deep meditation. TRANSITION told me and it wants me to share with you that it needs us to direct it where to go. Yup, you heard correctly TRANSITION needs us to tell it where we want it to take us. The exact message was “If you don’t tell me where to take you, I can’t take you there.” It was followed by “The UNIVERSE always has your back, you trust and believe this. We want everything you want for yourself, we want to give it to you, you just have to ask. So show me and I will just take you there, then you won’t have to keep thinking you are in transition because of me. I’m still with you, I keep coming back because you don’t tell me where I should take you. I keep trying but I have no destination - only you can give me this.”

I share this message with you because it was a game-changer for me. You have to firmly let TRANSITION know exactly where you want it to take you. We get the choice, the UNIVERSE is here to provide miracles and ultimately everything we need to make us fully happy is present and we are always divinely led. TRANSITION is here to take us wherever we would like. We enter into transition because a shift is necessary, this may be because we are not showing up authentically as our true self, we’ve lost our way, or we need to pivot and drop those things that no longer serve us so we can move towards our highest good. We get stuck in transition or transitions keep showing up because we never completely or honestly tell TRANSITION where we want to go, so it keeps trying and trying to get us somewhere which ultimately ends up being nowhere.

Most of us blame the transitional stage or circumstance that got us there or the people we think are at fault. The truth is TRANSITION is here to give us a ride from a location that does not serve us to where we want to be. But the destination is totally up to us!!!  How we get there is going to take reflection, honesty, and action. This is where TRANSITION is here to guide us, as long as it knows where we want it to take us.  Remember, we are always being divinely led. TRANSITION is here to serve us, it is a positive thing and working for our highest good. TRANSITION is only waiting on us, it is waiting for us to have clarity, be truthful with ourselves about our desires and it needs us for our next destination. This is what allows TRANSITION to guide us to the action steps, the dropping of old patterns, and the shifts necessary to get us from where we were, where we are to where we want to be. 

2019 - Kylie Kwon - transition stop being a backseat driver.jpg

For myself, I want more of what I have now, it is the life I have intentionally and purposefully curated for myself. It took my life turning upside down and inside out, losing everything I thought was real and important, and kicking me in the ass along the way, to wake me up to being honest about myself, my life and the truth of it all. It took me through an unexpected and toxic journey that was difficult, yet ultimately for my highest good. It took a lot of trust, surrender, grace, and grit to get where I am today. 

Next, for me, there are specific things and a path I need to take to attain having even more of what I have in my life and TRANSITION is here guiding me through all of it. It was always here for me, for you too, for us - we were just too busy stressing it out because we weren’t providing it a clear destination. Having this new knowing has allowed me to clear the path for TRANSITION to take me exactly to where I desire to be. I am a willing passenger rather and a cluelessly controlling backseat driver . I’m just here for the ride being ready to take the necessary actions as it guides the way taking me to the destination of my choosing.

If you needs some help, let's talk! Sign up for a FREE 20 minute Spot Light Coaching call with me and let's see how you can use Transition to get you where you want to be! 🙏

Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday
May 2017 Numerology with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

I have a dear teacher in my life named Sangeet Kaur Khalsa.  She has taught me, guided me and is a special presence in my life.  Sangeet has trained me in Reiki and in numerology, just as she was taught by her own teacher, Yogi Bhajan.  She came to me as my teacher when I need her the most and when I was ready to receive her.  Today, for Wisdom Wednesday I would like to share the WISDOM Sangeet shared on her blog this month entitled May’s Numerology: Make Your Life a Sanctuary, a Place of Love, Peach and Harmony.  A guiding message for us all to create a sacred sanctuary this month in our homes, so the we may have peace and harmony in our heart and in our minds.  


She  explains that this year we are in a Planetary Cycle of 10.  For most this is a great time for fresh new beginnings and blossoming lives and careers.  But for many, loud voices of anger overcomes them as they witness and experience the growth and expansion.  

This month provides all of us the OPPORTUNITY to create a new personal sanctuary in our homes and in our lives with peace, love and harmony.  This is achieved through prayer and meditation so that you may be supported by positivity, in words, action, and in thinking.  It's time to drop the anger that is in each of us.  RESPOND instead of REACT.  Creating a place of peace and harmony in our homes creates the same in our hearts and minds.  

Things to focus on in the month of May:

- create a peaceful and harmonious sanctuary in your home

- show love and compassion

- pray and meditate

- slow down your breath, let peace, love and harmony blossom within

Challenges and Blocks in the month of May:

- keeping promises made

- standing by your commitments

- speaking and doing things with heart and compassion

- breaking harmony within the home and elsewhere

Some tips on creating a sacred sanctuary within your home:

- create a space for prayer and meditation

- play peaceful music (follow my special spotify playlist Sacred Space of Peace Love Harmony )

- connect with nature and it’s beauty

- remove yourself from screaming and anger filled situations

This month is a time for walking the true spiritual path of love through creating sacred space for yourself and others, speaking kind words, sharing smiles, showing kindness and love to each other.  Without showing love and compassion for yourself and others you will become weak over time, weakening your immune system, stressing your nervous system, and eventually breaking your mind.  

As Sangeet says "This is the way karma works. Put in good, honest effort and you grow stronger. Build love and peace inside and you reap good rewards. Fail to take steps in this direction, whether consciously or unconsciously, and energetic backlash happens."


Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master and teacher, shared that when our heads are too full our hearts become empty.  Through slowing our breath and keeping our thoughts from consuming our minds it allows our hearts to fill and gives us the ability to share love with others from a true and deep space of tranquility.  There are wonderful heart centered meditations and breaths to help you this month.  Check back in on May 15, 2017 for Meditation Monday where I will share with you a meditation for Stress Relief and Clearing Emotions of the Past using the the breath pattern Sangeet shares in her blog this month.    

Got Your Back!

The Universe Has Your Back... always!

It has been months since I have written anything on my blog.  Life has been hectic and I have experienced drastic changes in our family life that have set up road blocks to sharing.  Then it was just a matter of needing the right thing to share after such a long break.  I’ve had countless opportunities to write a little something about cooking, yoga, meditation, family, my work on True Bliss Living, and other lifestyle curation topics.  Each and every time something held me back from writing.  But then the universe sent me a clear message of what my first writing assignment was after my long break. 

In 2009 I read a lovely book entitled “Add More Ing to Your Life: A Hip Guide to Happiness” by a young lady named Gabby Bernstein. I had just been certified as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach after healing from years of chronic illness and was on a path of self-discovery, nourishment and transformation. This book blew my mind!  The only hang up I had was that she was a young 20-something, single, living in New York City and I was 36 year old stay at home mom living in the suburbs, married, with two young kids.  I loved everything about the book otherwise.  As the years went by I watch the growth of her message and purchased every book and watched every offering that I could get my hands on, all the while still trying to let go of my hang-ups.

Then I didn’t follow her for awhile but in 2012, when I moved to Boulder and her book “May Cause Miracles” was published I visited her website again.  I discovered that she had added teaching Kundalini Yoga to her practice.  Kundalini Yoga was something I had experienced in 1999 when I was pregnant with my daughter but never bothered asking what type of yoga it was. It was a practice I loved but lost touch with the teacher when I took a break after the birth of my daughter and then my son only a year and a half later.  I had been searching for it but was unable to find it again until that point.  I took it as a sign from the universe.  I worked with her book and searched for a Kundalini Yoga class in Boulder only to discover it was taught at the studio where I took classes 4-5 times a week.  Thank you universe! 

Since 2012 I have trained and been certified in Emotional & Behavioral Eating, Lifestyle Meditation and Kundalini Yoga each time missing Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Master’s Workshop training.  This summer I made the full commitment during the busiest time of my life to take the workshop in NYC and now jumping into Spirit Junkie Master’s Workshop Level 2 in November. 

The hang-ups I had in the beginning have long disappeared, discovering it was my fear and ego holding me back and making judgments.  Now I experience miraculous shifts in my life which are not always pleasant but always important.  I am growing, learning and healing every day.  I love the what she has provided for me and the message she shares with the world.  

Last week Gabby published her latest book “The Universe Has Your Back, Transform Fear to Faith.”  This by far is the best book she has ever written.  The delivery and the lessons she provides is indescribable and invaluable.  It is showing me how much I have transformed and healed to reconnect with my true self, the lessons I still have to learn, how I can serve others, and how much more love the universe holds.  I am so truly honored to learn from Gabby and learn even more next month in her Level 2 Spirit Junkie Workshop Training.  And beyond that I hope she knows how grateful I am for her work and the service she has provided me, for me and for all others who have received the gift of experiencing her message and her light.  Thank you Gabby! 

Happy Birthday to Yogi Bhajan

Happy Birthday to Yogi Bhajan, my beloved teacher!

I woke up this morning at 2:45am to make it to the new incredible yoga studio RAMA Boulder.  There was a special morning sadhana with Sukhraj (Trista) and Guru Jagat who is honoring us from California (RAMA Venice) to celebrate and honor Yogi Bhajan's Birthday.  Sadhana began this morning at 3:30am with recitation of Japi then at 4:00 am we joined the simultaneous worldwide Guru Ram Das Chant, followed by a Kundalini Yoga warm-up set and a 2 1/2 hour chant of Long Ek Ong Kars.  

The combination of being Yogi Bhajan's birthday today, all the work that went into the opening of the new RAMA Boulder studio and the Kundalini Yoga community in Boulder coming together, it was a powerful morning Sadhana.  RAMA Boulder is instantly becoming a place where our community can come to celebrate, learn and grow together.  All week there are special classes with the full schedule beginning on Monday August 31, 2015.  Please come and enjoy one of the many classes taught by Sukhraj, myself and other incredible teachers.   Please check out the  RAMA Boulder Schedule and I hope to see you in one of my classes.  

I am truly blessed to have found the practice of Kundalini Yoga.  It has changed my life to have learned this incredible technology that was brought to us by Yogi Bhajan.  I have had the honor of learning from the best teachers here in Boulder, in Phoenix, and now from Venice, California.  I have made so many friends through this experience and truly feel a part of a community.  My body, mind, soul, and heart have opened to who I am, the strengths and gives I hold,  my path in this world, and all the the miracles that surround me.  

Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan and thank you!

Sat Nam


One who loves, loves all not the one. When you love, all the one loves you because you are the one. Learn to love and love has no territory. Who has territory has not learned love because how can unlimited become limited. Love is God my dear, God is love and God and love cannot be separated. With love you find God. And how can you be limited and be God. Because God is unlimited. But in our limited life, with our jealousies and insecurity we want we to be loved alone and none else. We want to be respected alone, and none else. Only those shall be respected who respect all. Those shall be loved who love all. Those shall be given who give all. Those will have the share who share with all. 

Yogi Bhajan 7/9/79

Who is Yogi Bhajan?  Read about his life,his stories,his teachings, and the technology of Kundalini Yoga that has shaped and changed so many lives.