Wisdom Wednesday

Wisdom Wednesday
May 2017 Numerology with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

I have a dear teacher in my life named Sangeet Kaur Khalsa.  She has taught me, guided me and is a special presence in my life.  Sangeet has trained me in Reiki and in numerology, just as she was taught by her own teacher, Yogi Bhajan.  She came to me as my teacher when I need her the most and when I was ready to receive her.  Today, for Wisdom Wednesday I would like to share the WISDOM Sangeet shared on her blog this month entitled May’s Numerology: Make Your Life a Sanctuary, a Place of Love, Peach and Harmony.  A guiding message for us all to create a sacred sanctuary this month in our homes, so the we may have peace and harmony in our heart and in our minds.  


She  explains that this year we are in a Planetary Cycle of 10.  For most this is a great time for fresh new beginnings and blossoming lives and careers.  But for many, loud voices of anger overcomes them as they witness and experience the growth and expansion.  

This month provides all of us the OPPORTUNITY to create a new personal sanctuary in our homes and in our lives with peace, love and harmony.  This is achieved through prayer and meditation so that you may be supported by positivity, in words, action, and in thinking.  It's time to drop the anger that is in each of us.  RESPOND instead of REACT.  Creating a place of peace and harmony in our homes creates the same in our hearts and minds.  

Things to focus on in the month of May:

- create a peaceful and harmonious sanctuary in your home

- show love and compassion

- pray and meditate

- slow down your breath, let peace, love and harmony blossom within

Challenges and Blocks in the month of May:

- keeping promises made

- standing by your commitments

- speaking and doing things with heart and compassion

- breaking harmony within the home and elsewhere

Some tips on creating a sacred sanctuary within your home:

- create a space for prayer and meditation

- play peaceful music (follow my special spotify playlist Sacred Space of Peace Love Harmony )

- connect with nature and it’s beauty

- remove yourself from screaming and anger filled situations

This month is a time for walking the true spiritual path of love through creating sacred space for yourself and others, speaking kind words, sharing smiles, showing kindness and love to each other.  Without showing love and compassion for yourself and others you will become weak over time, weakening your immune system, stressing your nervous system, and eventually breaking your mind.  

As Sangeet says "This is the way karma works. Put in good, honest effort and you grow stronger. Build love and peace inside and you reap good rewards. Fail to take steps in this direction, whether consciously or unconsciously, and energetic backlash happens."


Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master and teacher, shared that when our heads are too full our hearts become empty.  Through slowing our breath and keeping our thoughts from consuming our minds it allows our hearts to fill and gives us the ability to share love with others from a true and deep space of tranquility.  There are wonderful heart centered meditations and breaths to help you this month.  Check back in on May 15, 2017 for Meditation Monday where I will share with you a meditation for Stress Relief and Clearing Emotions of the Past using the the breath pattern Sangeet shares in her blog this month.