Sound Healing


Himalayan Healing Singing Bowl Therapy

I had the incredible honor of being trained as a Level II Practitioner in Himalayan Healing Singing Bowl Therapy with Suren Shrestha at Atma Buti (Soul Medicine) Sound and Vibrational School.  The experience was incredible and I am truly changed from what I have learned.  I look forward to sharing my Himalayan Singing Bowls in private therapy sessions with my clients, in group Singing Bowl Relaxation Classes, Meditation Workshops, and in my Kundalini Yoga Classes.  

This therapy tunes the body to it’s natural frequency through sound and vibrations from handmade singing bowls from Nepal.  Schedule a private session and be surrounded by the sound and vibrations of these beautiful bowls and experience the relaxation and healing energy for yourself.  Call 703-403-3318 or send an email to to book a session.

Benefits of Healing with Singing Bowls:


Aids in Deep Relaxation & Meditation

Reduces Stress & Helps Depression

Improve Concentration & Helps ADHD

Reduces Blood Pressure

Increases Vitality & Energy

Harmonizes & Clear Chakra & Aura

Removes Mental and Emotional Negativity

Enhances Creativity

Improves Insomnia

Relieves Physical & Emotional Pain


Suren Shrestha grew up in Nepal and is a master singing bowl practitioner.  He teaches this ancient healing therapy of sound and vibrations with singing bowls, is the author of How to Heal with Singing Bowls: Traditional Tibetan Healing Methods, and raises funds through his teaching to build an orphanage for the homeless children in his native village.