Namdaemun Marke

Shopping anyone?  Korea is full of traditional markets.  When I was growing up all we had was pretty much outside markets.  Now Korea is full of very high end modern department stores and malls.  However markets such as Namdaemun Market are the best places to shop for goods and get a bargain.  

This market originally opened in 1964.  It is the largest traditional market in Korea and has everything from bedding, to hair pins, bags, clothes, food, and pretty much anything someone might need.  It is crazy busy and opens late morning and doesn’t close till 3:00 am.  It is blocks upon blocks of independently owned shops.  Some no bigger than a closet.

For lunch we went to the food area filled with food stalls and people eating side by side.  As we walked through the aisle ladies were yelling out to us to sit and eat at their food stall.  It was an experience!  It was nothing Zoe, Ty and Michael had ever experienced.  For me it just brought back tons of memories.