Traveling to Seoul, South Korea

It has been eleven days since our arrival in Seoul, South Korea.  I had hoped to do a daily post about our trip and the experiences we were having but there simply hasn’t been any time.  We have been on a nonstop adventure since being picked up at the airport by my aunt, uncles, and cousins a week and a half ago.  I hope to at least be able to catch up and post something about our trip even if it is delayed.

Our trip took over 24 hours considering the driving, waiting, and the actual air travel.  The over all travel was not as bad I had been told by others.  Over the years Zoe and Ty have become pros at traveling, this makes my life so much easier.  They look forward to the travel time as a time to watch as many movies and play video games to their hearts desire with me not complaining or limiting their electronic usage.  Overall we were prepared so it made all the difference.  

We had so many large heavy bags due to all the presents we were bringing to our family from the states and our own personal things for the month long trip.  It was crazy shopping and packing all the stuff but the funniest was actually taking all the bags to the airport.