Seoul, South Korea - Day Three

Today the we took another subway ride to meet my mom, cousin, aunt, and uncle at Lotte Department Store. It was 12 levels of premium shopping, we only made it to level five before Ty and Zoe lost interest but it was crazy busy.  The first level was filled with different food stations with people cooking up all sorts of stuff. 

Lotte Mart

We walked over from the Lotte Department Store to Lotte Mart which is more like a mall to eat at the food court. This was unlike any food court I had seen or been to.  So much food!  All freshly prepared and yummy! You order all your food in one location but pick up your different dishes at the different stations depending what dish you ordered. 

Lotte World Amusement Park

After lunch Michael and I took the kids next door to Lotte World, an indoor amusement park. Unfortunately due to weather and some electrical maintenance most of the areas were closed.  We still had a blast running around and playing. 

Dinner Time

After a day of shopping and play we walked over to my cousin Oh-Sun’s apartment just a few blocks away. She lives in a neighbor hood of high rise apartment in the upscale neighbor hood of Gangham.  

We decided to simply order food for delivery which is something Zoe and Ty requested and have been looking forward to. The delivery is super quick about 10-15 minutes.  Once you are done with your meal the delivery people return to pick up their dishes so there is no packaging waste. Food again is freshly prepared using wholesome ingredients and tasty.