Club Sandwich

Zoe had a piano recital on Sunday in the back yard of her piano teachers home with a pot luck to follow. It was nice to sit under the sun and listen to kids playing their piano pieces. You could say it was music to my years. 

For the pot luck I chose to make some club sandwich beacuse they are so yummy and always a big hit. It’s something about the extra slice of bread and the bacon I think. It is always just such a satisfying sandwich. 

First, I start with pans of bacon. I make them in the oven using a cool rack over a baking sheet. This is quick and less messy then the conventional stove and frying pan approach. Bake at 400 for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye out because the times vary depending on your oven and thickness of the bacon.  

Next I pull all the ingredients and get them prepped and ready. 





Oven Roasted Turkey

Honey Ham

Provolone Cheese


I start by toasting the slices of bread then allowing them to cool a bit on a cooling rack. I take one slice and spread on some mayo. Next I had two slices of the turkey, then two slices of ham, and one slice of the provolone cheese. Then I top it with my second slice of toast with mayo. Next I add lettuce, then tomato then bacon topping the whole thing with my final slice of toast. I like to place a toothpick in the sandwich in order to hold in place while I cut and transport it. 

I made about 8 sandwiches which I cut into quarters for easy holding and eating. I filled up two large plates full of club sandwiches and they looked amazing and yummo. Unfortunately I was unable to still till the end and enjoy the pot luck but I was told the sandwiches were a big hit.