Charleston Grill

We arrived yesterday to Charleston, SC for my baby sister’s wedding. My inlaws decided to make the 5 hour drive and meet up with us for a long weekend from Georgia, simply because we were on this side of the country. We started off the weekend together at the Charleston Grill a few blocks from where we were staying. 

The atmosphere was incredible. Beautifully designed setting, live music, and smiling helpful staff. A true perfect balance of attention to their customers without being bothersom. We were a bit underdressed from our travels (most people were in jacket and tie) and we had our two kids however it did not seem to matter. 

After being seated and given our menus I was pleasantly suprised at the layout of the menu alone. The items were sectioned into different categories. I was told that the menu changes constantly depending on the season and what is available locally. There was just such amazing and unique selection of items it was hard to decide. 

I ended up with the Roasted Oysters and split the Prime Beef Tenderloin with my daughter Zoe. Others in our party chose to get Roasted Cauliflower, Salt Roasted Beets,Butter Poached Lobster, Seared Flounder and Shrimp, Collection of Vegetables over Risotto. 

Because Zoe and I split our dish they were able to cook our pieces just the way we like it. I like mine medium but Zoe prefers her meat rare. She says it brings out the flavor more, definately my child. I have to sa the presentation of the food was beautiful. And the dish was the best tenderloin I have ever had in my entire life!  I can totally say that with 100% conviction. Our pieces melted in our mouths. There was the factor of course of the tenderloin being local but you could really tell the talent of the person who cooked the piece to perfection. 

We finished off our meals with some yummy dessert and coffee. 

The meal took about three hours to savior. It was truly one of the best meals I have had in my entire life. It was just the perfect combination of atmosphere, service, attention to detail, the food, and the company. If you ever get a chance to visit the beautiful city of Charleston I would highly recommend the Charlestom Grill for an elegant evening of perfection.