Bridal Shower Invitations

My lovely sister is getting married in May and I have the opportunity to host a bridal shower for her in March.  The theme will be Wine and Chocolate, two of her favorite things.  It has been a long time since I have thrown a bridal shower so I was at a loss of how to even start.  Then once I got the idea for the theme I had a start and the ideas just came rushing in.  

I knew I had to get the invitations out so I can actually have people know that there is a bridal shower.  I spent time designing and shopping around town getting all the necessary supplies.  Then I hunkered down in the basement for two days getting the invitations out.  They turned out just the way I wanted and I hope that my sister is happy with them.  

I started with making little wedding dresses out of of some lace, glitter paper, ribbon and a gem.  Then I wrapped bars of lovely chocolate bars made by a local company in Boulder with silver wrapping paper and some vellum.  Finally I finished off the invitations using the wedding dress in the front and attaching the details of the bridal shower in the back.   

It was so much fun making these for my sister.  I think the hardest part was putting them in envelopes, addressing them and mailing them out.