Oatmeal Bar

It’s a bit chilly this morning in Boulder and the streets are covered in a bed of beautiful white snow. When ever weather is a bit cold the kids and I crave some warm oatmeal for breakfast to start off the day. I like to serve my oatmeal plain (made with oats, hempseeds, flaxmeal, and water). Then I put out some different toppings to meet everyone’s taste buds and what they are in the mood for that morning.  I like mine with a bit of milk, nuts and raisins. Ty usually loves his with peanut butter and banana but loves to toss in others toppings depending on his mood. Zoe loves hers with just a touch of milk. Setting an Oatmeal bar meets everyone’s desires and allows them to customize their breakfast. Not to mention that it gets everyone in my house warm, satisfied and ready for the day.