Thyroid Help


It seems everyone I have encountered recently are having issues with their Thyroid.  That people are at a loss on how to deal with these issues and just aren’t seeing any improvements no matter what they do.  Within the past few months I too have had a fight with my thyroids which produces essential hormones that help the body produce energy, responsible for regulating metabolism and organ function. 

My problems were triggered by stress, lack of physical activity (this was due to a Lyme flareup), and my heavy metals.  I was experiencing unusual weight gain, fatigue, and sleep issues.  These are frustrating symptoms to deal with for anyone but even worse if you are a Health Coach.  My relationship with my Thyroids has had it’s ups and downs over the past decade.  It is a relationship that one must respect and nurture just like any other relationship.  It has taken me a few months but I am back and under control.  I can’t tell you how good it feels to be on the other side again.  The thing to remember is that making even the slightest dietary and lifestyle changes can truly affect the health of your body for better or worse.  It is a balancing act that you must be aware of and work to keep in check.  We are only human so if you fall off the ride simply pick yourself, dust yourself off and get back on.  Don’t let a mishap prevent you from living the life and having the body you deserve.

If you are struggling with Thyroid issues I understand your pain.  I have totally been there several times over and understand your struggle.  I know how frustrating and hopeless it can be.  At times it seems like you are doing everything but you don’t experience any positive changes.  The problem may be that your approach is focusing on the wrong things.  Please watch this video to help you in your journey for healing and control your Thyroids.  If you need a helping hand in dealing with your thyroid symptoms feel free to drop me an email or call to make an appointment.